A feeling of apprehension or fear, worry, nervousness or unease, the cause of which can be either known or unknown. It can be felt every day or just at specific times or occasions, and can last a short time such as with a panic attack or be long lasting. Types of anxiety include social anxiety, OCD, worrying about exams and more....
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A phobia is an irrational and intense fear of an object, substance or situation. It can induce extreme anxiety or panic and have you running from the phobic stimulus, freezing or having a panic attack. It may well have a debilitating effect on your life if you go to extreme lengths to avoid any situation where you think you might come into contact with it.
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Our bodies are designed to deal with short bursts of stress. However, prolonged stress can have very damaging effects on our mind and body: Effects such as fear, anxiety, anger, digestive or sleep problems, difficulty coping, heart disease, headaches, lowered immunity, addictions, feeling you have no control over your life.....
Hypnosis can help!
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