Making Changes

If you've been trying to change something in your life and have been unable to do so up till now, it's probably because you're trying to change it using your conscious mind or your will power. If the thing you're wanting to change is a habit, or a way of thinking or way of being that you've been doing for some time then it's most likely that your subconscious mind is the driving force behind it. And so it's in the subconscious mind that the change has to made. 

Sometimes you can do this yourself simply by becoming very relaxed, and visualizing or imagining how you want things to be instead, as if you've already made the changes. For example, and this is over simplifying, if you have a fear of driving along a motorway you could imagine yourself, (when in a deeply relaxed state somewhere you feel safe and comfortable), doing just that. You would need to do this a number of times and may need to imagine smaller parts of the journey first, but this is basically what you would do. Or instead of thinking about or picturing, all the things that could go wrong when you go for that interview or the last time you met your partners parents or even imagining something you've never done before in a negative way you can use your imagination to show your subconscious how you want things to be instead.

You can use this technique to change or improve many aspects of your life because your imagination is an amazingly powerful tool. Obviously this is a very basic explanation of how to use your imagination to affect changes in your subconscious, but it gives you an idea of  how your mind works.

Of course, in the example above there might be a particular reason as to why you now have a fear of driving on the motorway when you used to be able to do it without any problem. You may know what this reason is or you may not. In either case enlisting the help of a qualified hypnotherapist can help you to deal with that and also have you driving happily along again. 

Whatever your problem is, big or small, what you are imagining in your mind or what you are thinking will be playing a big part in keeping that problem going. Likewise, your imagination or thinking can be used deliberately to change things to the way you want them to be. 


If you truly want to change your life, 

           you first must be willing to change your mind.

                                                              Donald Altman