Well we all have them don't we, and sometimes it seems as if they're driving us mad. Constantly chattering away in our head, thoughts of things we should have said, should have said differently...not said at all! Imaginary conversations with others or sometimes with ourselves. Not always conversations though, sometimes we're picturing things going wrong or imagining the forthcoming job interview or the 'chat' with our child's teacher, or maybe going over something that has happened in the past or is going to happen in the future, the first time we meet our new partners parent's or perhaps you're the parent meeting your child's partner. Perhaps you've a holiday coming up and you're stressing about the packing, making sure you remember everything or maybe you're concerned about travelling. Maybe you have a wedding or other special event coming up and it's going over and over in your mind. 

For some people, just the thought of going into a shop to return something or ask for help causes anxiety, or the thought of phoning up an insurance company or landlord sends them into a spin. Even thinking about doing something pleasurable can cause stress or anxiety.

With everything I've mentioned's the thought that is creating the problem! It is the thought of that upcoming event or that past thing that has already happened that is causing you to worry. In many cases it is quite simple for you to change your thoughts and so reduce or stop the worry or the fear or the anxiety. 

I used to have those imaginary conversations in my head, going over what I wished I'd said or imagining what I was going to say to someone over and over again. It was constant, and it drove me round the bend. 

I learnt a simple process called Thought Stopping and it helped me so much. Now if I get these unwanted thoughts or conversations going around in my head I can stop them really quickly and usually without having to go through the whole technique....not that it's a long process anyway. 

I can do Thought Stopping with you in hypnosis and then show you how to do it yourself out of hypnosis afterwards. 

He who fears that he will suffer, 

               already suffers because he fears! 

                                                      Michel De Montaigne